The Minimalist Method Course

You’ve always wanted to draw fashion. Now you can.

I used to draw very flat wooden figures, with no expression. I was too fixated on drawing lifelike models, showing every tiny detail.

Somewhere over the years, I started drawing less and less on my paper. But my drawings became more interesting. 

I experimented with watercolour and trained my eye to draw what I see, not what I think others should see, and that’s where the magic happens.

You may have tried fashion illustration in the past. Maybe you bought a book or another course, but you still find it challenging.

The Minimalist Fashion Illustration Method will skip straight to the art of simple fashion drawing 

By the end of the course, you’ll have a fashion illustration you’re proud of. And you’ll feel confident to try drawing any fashion image.

You’ll also learn the basics of freehand fashion illustration using watercolour that you can apply to all your future fashion sketches.

Not only will it be a joyful, creative experience, you’ll no longer feel anxious at the sight of a blank piece of paper.


Ready to simplify your fashion illustration?

In this course, you’ll learn how to paint a watercolour fashion illustration, including

✎ How to begin your fashion illustration

How to bring your illustration to life

How to add movement and detail

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to the course, including any updates I make.

What you’ll need

I recommend a minimal art kit to get started. Generally, I use black watercolour and one other colour. To keep it simple, you can get started with

✎ Mixed media or watercolour paper

Pencils, ideally 2B

✎ Eraser, ideally a putty rubber

✎ Watercolour paints — 1-3 colours are fine to begin with*

*Don’t worry, I go into more detail on artists’ materials inside the course, including where to buy them from.


This course is for you if:

You’ve always wanted to draw fashion, but don’t know where to begin

You’re looking for a stylish way to get creative

You’re creative, yet new to fashion illustration

You think you’re not very creative, but you’d like to learn an artistic skill

You enjoy expressing your creativity

You love minimalist fashion and art

This course is NOT for you if:

? You want to learn technical fashion drawing — this course encourages freestyle fashion illustration, so no measuring body proportions, etc.

You’re looking for fashion figure templates — this course is about developing your own style of drawing rather than tracing templates

You want to learn how to be a fashion designer — this course is purely freehand fashion illustration and doesn’t cover designing clothes


Got questions?

When will I be able to start the course?

You’ll receive your login details when the course opens in December 2020. Then, because you’ll have lifetime access, you can begin whenever is best for you.

How long will the course take?

This course is short and sweet; it’s designed to keep it simple and get to the point. And because it’s a self-paced online course, you can repeat it as many times as you like. You can complete the course in around an hour. Or spend as long as you like practicing your fashion illustration over several days or weeks.

Do I need to buy lots of art tools?

Don’t worry, I won’t send you off to the art shop with a huge list. You could even start with just a pencil and paper, and paint with coffee! Although, I do recommend investing in a basic tool kit that shouldn’t cost more than £20-£30, depending on where you shop. Then you can buy more materials as you progress if you want to. The great thing is, watercolour paints are fantastic value because they last for years.

Will I learn to draw male or just female models?

I’ll be honest. Personally, I prefer to draw female models because my illustration style is very feminine. The steps I teach you in the course will refer to a female model, but you can apply the same principles to male models — it’s just not what I specialise in.

What if I can only draw stick people?

Everyone thinks they can only draw stick people! But I’m here to show you it’s not true. I taught a class of non-creatives, and everybody was surprised to see what they could do. Even Van Gogh thought he couldn’t draw figures at first.

I'm studying fashion, do I need this course?

If you’re in the first year of your fashion studies and you want to focus a little more on your fashion drawing, then this course would be great for extra practice.

What if the course is not for me?

If you decide the course is not at all what you expected, no problem. I offer a full refund within 14 days of access. Just send an email and you’ll receive a refund back to your payment method within 3-5 business days. Please understand, your access to the course will be revoked immediately.

How long will I have access to the course?

You’ll have lifetime access to The Minimalist Fashion Illustration Method, including any updates I make, so you can go through the video lessons as many times as you like, whenever you like.

Got more questions?

Send me an email at hello@zoedrawsfashion.com

Ready to learn the art of simple fashion illustration?

Imagine drawing stylish, free-flowing fashion illustrations. No wooden fashion figures, no perfectly proportioned body sketches either, and definitely no templates. Just you and your artistic skills creating beautiful, minimal fashion illustrations. Ready to follow your fashion-drawing dreams?


Zoe Georgiou, fashion illustrator

Hi, I’m Zoe, your course illustrator

I’ll teach you the first two lines I make when I begin any fashion illustration, and how to churn out sketch after sketch — fast!

I created this course for fashion fans, art lovers and creatives who want to try something new; people who want to tap into their creativity.

I began drawing in my teens, sketching my favourite pop stars from Smash Hits magazine. I studied fashion in the ’90s, and I’ve been drawing fashion ever since.


In 2009, after a 10-year career in fashion PR, I thought about becoming an art teacher, so I took a teaching course. For my final exam, I taught the rest of my class how to draw fashion.

Many of the students had serious reservations about drawing, but within 30 minutes everyone had a fashion illustration they were proud of.

That day, I realised that I could teach fashion illustration to creatives and non-creatives alike. And that, one day, I definitely would.

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